Registration and appointment for your marriage in the Kaasgraben Church

Please contact in time

The parish office: Pfarre “Franz von Sales”

Pater Zeininger Platz 1
(also accessible through Weinberggasse 37)

1190 Wien

Monday from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM and 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM
Tuesday from von 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Wednesday from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM and from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM
Thursday from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Friday from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM

The most important contact details in overview:

Parish Franz von Sales: +43 (0)1 368 45 87 – 0 or
Flowers: +43 (0)1 328 28 16 oder
Music coordinator and Organ player Mag. Andreas Wagner: +43 (0)699 12 33 60 80 or
Marriage preparation course: +43 (0)1 515 52 – 3330 oder
Fr. Sebastian Leitner:

Useful details regarding your marriage in the Kaasgraben Church

  • For Austrian residents: Please go to your parish of residence not later than 6 months before the planned date of your wedding. If both of you belong to the Roman Catholic Church and are registered under two different addresses in Austria, you may choose between both “parishes of residence”. Preferably you may contact the parish of residence where you will be living together after the wedding, if one of you is already living there. If only one of you belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, you may contact only the parish of residence of the partner that belongs to Roman Catholic Church. (To which parish do I belong?)
  • For all others: Please contact your parish of residence in your home country and inquire about the proceedings. At times the diocesan offices of your home diocese need to get involved. Make sure to start the procedure on time. 6 months may not be enough.
  • You have to register your wedding six months prior to the planned date of your wedding. For registration you need to bring with you:
    • Birth certificates of bride and groom
    • Baptism certificates of bride and groom
    • Certificates of residence of bride and groom
  • Only one of the two to be married need to appear for the registration.
  • In your parish of residence you will be informed which steps need to be undertaken in order to complete the TRAUUNGSPROTOKOLL. Your wedding can only take place in the Kaasgraben Church, if your Trauungsprotokoll is physically in the parish Franz von Sales. Kaasgraben Church belongs to the parish Franz von Sales.
  • Should your parish of residence hand you out your Trauungsprotokoll after filling and signing it with and for you, please send it immediately to the parish “Pfarre Franz von Sales”, Pater Zeininger Platz 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria. In most cases the Trauungsprotokoll is being sent directly by your parish of residence to us.
  • It is a requirement by the Archdiocese of Vienna that you attend a marriage preparation course of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Please register for such a course directly in the Archdiocese: or Tel.: +43 (0)1 515 52/3330.

Further useful details

  • On most Saturdays from April to October it is possible to celebrate your wedding either at 12.30 PM, at 2.30 PM or at 4.30 PM in the Kaasgraben Church. These two hours enable a smooth celebration of each and every wedding.
  • On all those Saturdays we can happily provide you with a minister who will discuss with you all the technical and liturgical details and accompany you as you confer the sacrament on each other. Of course you may bring your “own” minister with you.
  • The hall that does not have to be rented automatically is rented to only one wedding party each Saturday.
  • Marriages at any other times or days are possible but need a particular agreement.
  • With regards to the music arrangement do not hesitate to contact Mag. Andreas Wagner (+43 699 12 33 60 80). Regarding the liturgy you are requested to speak with the minister who will look after your wedding.
  • Besides the beautiful organ, a piano is also available in the church.
  • You are imperatively requested not to throw flowers, confetti, rice or any other items inside and in front of the church. On the one hand couples getting married after you want to find the same neat place as you did; on the other hand the throwing of rice is considered a waste of food. If this regulation is not observed we may bill you the costs of cleaning.
  • Please avoid using adhesive tape for fixing flowers or other items on the church pews.
  • If you want to set up special items inside the church, please make sure to speak about it with the minister accompanying you.
  • A cordless microphone is available as well as the possibility to connect an electronic device to the audio system.

Finding the way to Kaasgraben Church

Your financial contribution – the rent – the costs

The collection is for the church: those who can give less, give less, those who can give more, give more; in a true spirit of sharing and solidarity.

The Wedding fee for a wedding in Kaasgraben Church is of € 250,00 €.

Should you also rent the hall for the reception after the wedding, you need to pay an additional € 400,00 for approx. 3 hours.

You are required to pay fee and, if applicable, rent not later than one month before the date of your wedding. Please provide name and date of marriage on the transaction details. Please wire it to following account of the Kaasgraben Church: IBAN AT33 1953 0100 0001 9983. Only after having received fee and rent a month before the wedding, we can guarantee your reservation for church and hall.

The seminar fee for a marriage preparation course is of € 60,00 per couple (lunch is not included). Other formats may vary in price.

Costs for music depend of course on the number of musicians and required time of preparation. You may count on approximately 100,00 € per musician. If an additional rehearsal is required, you may add 50%. With these amounts a professional quality is ensured (Of course salaries of artists have no limit. It all depends on how demanding you are with regards to extent and quality.) Payments are settled with the musicians directly. For any help do not hesitate to contact Mag. Andreas Wagner (+43 699 12 33 60 80).

 The flowers

If you intend to decorate the church pews, the altar or the complete church with additional flowers (the church always provides for some flowers next to the altar), you may feel free to contact the flower shop “Gärtnerei Fassl (Tel. +43 (0)1 328 28 16, Mrs. Flaschberger). Any costs related to the flowers need to be settled with the flower shop.
Maybe another wedding is scheduled for the same day? It may be opportune to contact the other couple and to share expenses by coordinating a common flower arrangement. Please allow us to forward your contact number while registering.

The pictures

Of course you want to save your day of celebration on photos or videos. Good photographers know how to remain discreet without disturbing the service. One or two persons should be sufficient. Please identify the photographers beforehand and inform them about details of your wedding.

The program

It may be of great use to provide the assembly with a small leaflet or program. This program may contain the songs, the sequence of the wedding, the Gospel passages and all that is important to you. A nice leaflet will turn into a wonderful souvenir for your guests as well as for yourself.


Only after having received fee and rent a month before the wedding, can we guarantee your reservation for church and hall.