The church in the vineyards

The sun is shining. The staircase is astonishing. The wind brings a fresh breeze. The white wall is mirroring. The birds are singing their song. You are looking up. You are on your way to a

holy matrimony, a baptism, a mass or a blessing of union

in the Kaasgraben Church. Or you just simply want to pray. In any case.


Come and celebrate …

You are decided. You have met the love of your life and look for small wedding venues to offer each other and before God the sacrament of marriage.

Christian values are of importance to you and you want to have your child baptized and become a part of the people of God.

To celebrate Eucharist and witness your faith is of importance to you. You want to join a Sunday eucharistic celebration.

You want God to bless your relationship in a wedding chapel or wedding church.

Kaasgraben Church and the local religious community, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, welcome you and are happy to accompany you.

… or simply pray

Do you have a special request to pray for? Do you simply want to thank God? In any case you can write your request in a book in the Kaasgraben Church. But you may also communicate your request to the Oblates and we will include them in our own prayers.

The way to Kaasgraben Church

The way

By public transportation you may find it easy to take the trolley “Straßenbahnlinie 38”, and get down at “An den langen Lüssen” (last before last stop to Grinzing).  Then you need to walk approximately 850 m (a half mile).

Coming by car using your navigation system please enter “Stefan-Esders-Platz, 1190 Wien“. Using the correct postal address “Ettingshausengasse 1, 1190 Wien” you will be misled by many systems via the Aslangasse to the Kaasgraben Church. Aslangasse however is a dead end street for cars.